6 Secrets to the Perfect Real Estate Photo


professional real estate twilight exterior photo

It's a well-known fact that the first impression is created by what someone sees. In real estate, this means your property photos! The best way to make sure you're getting high quality real estate photos (that also sell) is to follow these 6 secrets:

1. Get up close and personal with your subject - it'll help buyers imagine themselves living there;

2. Frame the photo correctly - don't cut off any important features like the front door or kitchen stove;

3. Take natural light photos whenever possible;

4. Make use of different angles - this will show more of the house and its surroundings;

5. Give some room for imagination - do not include every detail

6. Call me your local real estate photographer at SoCal Home Photo!

I can help you take the perfect real estate photo!

- Call me at (909) 234-2711


interior professional real estate photo


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